Tiny House Meetup

Welcome to the Tiny House Meetup independent site! In this group you will find other forms of tiny living be it container, boat, tree house....you name it! All skill levels are welcome! We are like-minded individuals that support the spirit of tiny home ownership and share tiny living ideas. We get out to work on projects together, lend helping hands and share our skills. The events we do here are: Open House, Work Party, SketchUp design, Social Mixer and more. We are always looking for more individuals willing to organize events.

If you have an idea or project and want some people to do it with you please email us so we can add it to the calendar. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or would like help with a personal project: littletinyhouse@gmail.com

Current Project: Raise the Barn!

Building a barn to accompany my tiny home. It will serve as additional workspace and storage. Built under the beautiful foothills of the Wenatchee National Forest.

About me

Hello, I'm Candice. I started the Tiny House Meetup group (Seattle division) in 2010, soon after falling in love with tiny homes and the tiny living lifestyle. I currently hold a co-organizer role with the group along with many other fantastic assistant and event organizers. I've helped design and build tiny homes with many other tiny home enthusiasts. I have experience with legal restrictions, designing, construction, welding, electrical and plumbing. If you would like any help or guidance with your tiny home builing projects, please reach out to me at: littletinyhouse@gmail.com