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What do we do?

Welcome to the Tiny House Meetup website. Our goal is to bring together people who are interested in everything related to tiny homes: learning more about tiny homes, learning to design your own tiny home and even how to build your dream tiny home! We also work on fun projects like building chicken coops, decks and tiny barns. We come together to share ideas, learn together and teach each-other what we have learned along the way. Please come and check out an event or help organize an event.

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Coming Soon: Etsy Storefront to purchase designs

Method: Dream It, Design It and Build It!

Learning SketchUp

Learning how to use SketchUp to design your tiny home

Learning SketchUp

Rendering your design using SketchUp

Learning SketchUp

Building your design!

Inside the beautiful home pictured up top!


Staying warm and cozy with a wood burning stove


Enjoy the light and fresh air with a skylight


The entrance

house front

Distant view

Current Project--Building a barn


Barn exterior


Barn loft


Other side of the barn loft with chimney


Interior snapshot

coop design coop bench design bench stairs design stairs kitchen design kitchen
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