Draw & Design

3. Blender 3D - Free

A small but powerful 3D remodeling program, with animations!  The concept behind Blender is similar to Google SketchUp.  If you're new to this, then watch the SketchUp video tutorials, and move on to Blender.

Available for use in Windows or Mac, choose from these FREE programs to assist in designing your project:

  1. 2.Google SketchUp 3D - Free

A very, very cool 3D program with awesome video tutorials available for newbies, including "Draw a Tiny House" with SketchUp!

1. Autodesk Homestyler 3D - Free

Used online, there is nothing to download or install.  Training videos are available, as well.

4. QCAD 2D - $33

Although NOT free, this $33 small application has the capabilities of the $3000 AutoCAD software.  Try it free for 100 minutes. Manifest plans to buildings, interiors, mechanical parts, or schemes and diagrams from your ideas. I am using this to modify my second drawing of my Tumbleweed plans.

5. Make it by hand - Free

Find some boxes, cut it and start make it by hand.

6. Candice’s Method - $1

Go to Dollar Store buy a roll tape for $1 dollar. Find a big porch or a big drive way, start tape your design on the floor, and change it next day... This works the best for me because I get walk in my design, to feel whether I am comfortable or not :D Try it!